About us

About us

The Company Was establish 50 years ago . In the late eighties we started developing our dairy products intoa high industrial level to match the local market demand and to be able to compete with non – Palestinian
products , the company added new production line for long term milk . Furthermore the company is work –ing on adding new food industries productsto meet the local market demand .

Al-jebrini Dairy & Food Products Company Was founded in Hebron , Palestine as family business . the startwas humble and with difficulties .
Al-jebrini has played an important rule towards the development of the dairy industry in Palestine, through
working with milk farmers and improving milking and transportation fa- cilities ,marketing for the first time
commercial Palestine dairy products and implementing new standards to improve the overall quality of milk and milk products .
The production capacity ot the dairy is around 500,000L of milk daily , the fresh milk is transported from local dairy farms and al- jebrini dairy farms to the factory where it the processed into different fresh and long life products such as yogurt , labaneh ,whithe cheese etc …..

The products of AL- jebrini are distributed in west bank and Gasa strip through mod-ern distribution department , where products reach sales points regularly and in excellent condition .

AL- jebrini dairy employs around 250 work-ers in the different production plants , market-ing and distribution and in the dairy farms . Today AL- jebrini has a prestigious place in the Palestinian manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

On the companys agenda for the near future are a number of different vital isssues that they would like to execute. Thise includes awareness of environment issues asnd creating .

A network professional association , aca- demic institutions and skilled personal to help further development of this sector . Our vesion is to be a world Class Company in manufacturing and marketing Dairy and Food Products .