Al-Jebrini Wins UAE Energy Award


Dubai – Maan. Today, Palestine, through Hebron-based Al-Jebrini Group has won the UAE 2017 Energy Award for the Middle East, over Al-Jebrini’s project that aims to produce biogas from animal waste to generate electricity. The decision of the award included: “In recognition of your achievements in the production of biogas from animal waste for power generation, it is decided to award Al-Jebrini Dairy and Foodstuff Industries the Emirates Energy Award 2017.” After receiving the award, Dr. Jihad Al-Jabreeni, General Manager of Al-Jebrini said: “We thank the UAE for adopting and hosting alternative energy conferences and honouring outstanding projects in the Middle East. We also thank them for establishing the Emirates Energy Award Foundation, which motivates individuals and institutions to continue and develop this field to improve the future generations and to rely on clean alternative energy.” “We at Al-Jebrini dedicate this award and this international achievement to the State of Palestine and President Mahmoud Abbas and the government and the Palestinian people in general, and to customers in particular who accepts to buy our products, which otherwise would not have reached us as we have reached this day of completion. We thank them all and promise that we will always be up to their expectations. We also thank the Energy Authority and especially the Minister of Energy Authority Zafer Melhem for their good efforts to complement and complete the project. We thank the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in the United Arab Emirates Issam Masalha and the Director General of the Bank of Palestine branch in the Arab Emirates, Mr. Muawiya Al-Qawasmeh, over their attendance and participation in the ceremony, and the honour and support they have given us. We also thank Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron for continued academic cooperation with Al-Jebrini and the strategic partnership concluded with them”, he added.